Secure the continuity of your services and improve the efficiency of your data centre infrastructure

A seamless IT environment requires critical infrastructure to do its job properly under both normal and stress conditions. The starting point is a data centre that is properly designed and built, fully equipped to deliver resilience and security. But this is only half of the answer. Equally important is the way that the facility is maintained and operated – and that, in turn, requires expertise and experience

ICTroom offers a coherent and comprehensive range of monitoring, maintenance and management services to help data centre owners deliver excellence in their day-to-day operations. Whether it as a top-up to existing arrangements – for example with out-of-hours monitoring, or whether it is taking full responsibility for running the facility, ICTroom can tailor a flexible service package to suit every business model.


Quality, expertise and flexibility built in

ICTroom’s certified data centre specialists and quality control mechanisms ensure that all of the services provided under ICTroom contracts deliver against clear and rigorous service level agreements.

Whatever the level of engagement, ICTroom dovetails with the customer’s own technical and IT resources to provide a seamless service delivery and a robust operational environment – maximising efficiency and minimizing risk. We ensure that the services provided fit exactly to a customer’s needs – and these, of course, can change over time.

ICTroom services



    ICTroom's 24/7 helpdesk is staffed with data centre experts who understand the implications of critical infrastructure alarms and react accordingly. ICTroom coordinates any required on site intervention and manages trouble tickets through to resolution.


    Sophisticated monitoring probes deployed at key points across the facility are remotely monitored. Automatic alarms and proactive health checks means your facility is always in the care of specialists and is operating as well as it possibly can.

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    Autorized and certified personnel armed with the latest diagnostic tools will be on-site to manage remedial work or perform preventative maintenance, ensuring that facility is back up to full operation and resillience in the shortest possible time.


    Regular inspection and constant monitoring ensures critical infrastructure will deliver as and when it is needed.


    ICTroom take full responsibility for all aspects of the maintenance of the data centre including provision of all replacement parts and the management of all key subcontractors and equipment suppliers.

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    ICTroom take full control of the day-to-day operation of the facility under a detailed and customised service level agreement. On-site staff manage security, maintenance and performance – ensuring that the data centre delivers an optimal service to the business.


    The ultimate service option – Data Centre as a Service – delivers a pay-as-you-go solution for the customer who wants their own data centre but doesn’t want to have to build it themselves. ICTroom selects the plot, builds the data centre, operates it and leases its use to the customer all under a long-term engagement. Flexibility is build-in.

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