Data Centre as a Service components

DCaaS allows you to deploy your data centre equipment in a single tenant, exclusively and purposed build, on or off premises facility, but owned and operated by ICTroom

Site selection

A decision on the most appropriate location for your data center is one we take together. This is achieved by assessing the current and new local situation, regulations regarding the location together with your strategy and goals. The result may be a location where your company is already active or a new site selected specifically for the new build facility. There are many factors influencing the selection of the location, such as the availability of energy and fiber capacity, but also the environment, safety and accessibility. Your wishes and demands are the starting point for a search and optional audits to make a long list of locations. ICTroom is responsible for the acquisition of the location, the permitting process and handles contracts with the suppliers of basic utility services.

Design & Build

Each TIER level that you require can be provided by ICTroom as DCaaS. (Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4). Each density level is negotiable (High - Medium - Low). The starting point will typically be one of our existing IMD designs and so IMDaaS© can be made available faster than you thought possible. Of course – customization is an important component of any final design.


Daily use of the data center requires procedures, rules, proactive and remedial maintenance and naturally – a 24x7 team to react to any disturbances in services. All this is set down in our Operational Procedures. ICTroom can take total site responsibility but also provides for options in allocating responsibility between your own organization and ICTroom. This allocation can change over time – for example with a ‘manage, train and hand-over’ period, or it can stay in place for the entirety of the contract.

Finance & Control

ICTroom’s DCaaS complies with the regulation of IFRS (IFRIC4). The service fee can extend to some of the vendor neutral IT equipment used within the data centre such as racks, cabling, containment and power strips.

ICTroom is a subject matter expert in the area of ‘as-a-service’ commercial and financial arrangements with years of experience and we’ll make sure to make your daily use of the data centre as operationally effective and financially beneficial as possible. ICTroom guarantees a nonprofit clause in relation to the cost of electricity consumption in the data centre under DCaaS arrangements – something that is very unusual in the industry.

With DCaaS your expenses are extremely predictable and offer transparency in the business. Let your CFO contact us to discuss the financial implications about the use and ownership of DCaaS.

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