About us

Our vision

ICTroom creates value for it’s customers by sharing our knowledge and experience with users of datacentres in the IT-landscape. Society and thus IT(-users) will, in the next couple of years, move into more pay-for-use models with short horizons and ultimate flexibility. Data- and network demand will continue to grow exponentially as will the significance (always on). Historically, infrastructure is a long term investment and is therefore by nature difficult to align with the rapid development of technologies and the agility that society demands. ICTroom aims to combine those two worlds by offering smart, scalable and flexible infrastructure solutions that smoothly grow and develop into the future. Looking at the impact of IT, and in particular: data centers, on our environment, ICTroom is aware that it will play a leading role in the control and reduction of carbon footprint through deploying superior design, build and operate functions.

Mission and Differentiation

ICTroom is a specialist data centre company and a thought leader. We are a company that is easy to do business with. It is the company to go to get a custom-fit data centre aligned with the specific business case of the requirement and using the most suitable approach (including modular) to achieve robust, sustainable, scalable and flexible environment. A pan-European company, we strive to become a leader in the DC-as-a-service market.

  • Everything ICTroom does relates to data centres. Customers come to a specialist company that has in-depth knowledge and expertise;
  • ICTroom provides customized solutions. It is an integrator of best-in-class technology and not a ‘product house’ or manufacturer. The customer gets the solution that has the best fit when it comes to budget, objectives and business model;
  • The company’s size and culture delivers agility.

Our brand values