Data Centre as a Service

An exclusive DCaaS (Data-Centre-as-a-Service) solution, at a location of your choice, provides you with an alternative choice in resources and investments. When your business demands flexibility and speed you need a good support partner. DCaaS from ICTroom offers pay-as-you-grow capabilities and diversity in making controlled choices.

Exclusively build facilities

If you would rather have your IT professionals spend more time and energy supporting the real demands of the business rather than reacting to issues at the facility level or managing M&E suppliers or performing maintenance, then it is time to look at ICTroom’s DCaaS – a complete facility outsourcing service tailored to your needs

Our DCaaS solution gives you access to your own modern and controlled facilities without the capital investment. Within the term of the contract we take care of all (or part) of your data centre infrastructure and ensure that it always delivers the service required by the IT function. The data centre is specifically designed and built to your requirements, and you still have ability to make choices in providers of IT, so it’s vendor neutral.

Driven by continuously changing demands placed on their data centre, organizations choose DCaaS as a solution for permanently shifting IT costs to the operational side of the balance sheet.

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