The world’s most agile modular data centre


Lower the entry cost of Data Centre capacity


Shift costs from CapEx to OpEx


Have access to rapid deployment

The IMD Portfolio

ICTroom’s Integrated Modular Data centre (IMD) portfolio is based on a platform approach in which a number of final configurations can be built from a standard ‘toolkit’ of component parts using a common design philosophy. Typically, 80% of an IMD solution is pre-designed and pre-fabricated, the final 20% is created or configured according to the location or other specific use case.

  • IMD20
  • IMD50
  • IMD100

IMD50 design

A 12m by 3m or 6m by 3m transportable frame able to house 8 or 4 racks respectively and providing 20-60kW of power

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  • IMD125
  • IMD250
  • IMD250-750

IMD250 design

Uses multiple 12 x 3m frames and significant configuration flexibility of IT and M&E units to provide different combinations of size and power. Seamlessly expandable from 125kW through to 750kW

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  • IMD250
  • IMD750
  • IMD750-3000

IMD750 design

Using the original IMD design (320m2 of IT space and 750kW of IT power) but with increments of power (250kW and 500kW) to provide seamless expansion. Unlimited further expansion of adjacent modules

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  • IMD1000
  • IMD 1-4MW

IMD1000 design

Based on IMD750 with enhanced power density without sub-increments. Most economical attractive €/kW build cost. Multi-megawatt applications addressed with multiple adjacent IMD1000 units.

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Building blocks

The IMD is formed by 3 independent compartments which operate as an integral unit. Limitless deployment of multiple units increases capacity and twin-availability.

  • 1: ITM
  • 2: PDM
  • 3: PPM
  • ICTroom Modular Data Centre

  • IT module


    • Dedicated fire extinguishing
    • 6 Cooling Alley
    • High density environment
    • Full redundant power connections through busbar connections
    • datafloor_text_5
    • datafloor_text_6


    • High efficient Air-2-Air cooling
    • Indirect closed cooling circuit
    • Adiabatic
  • Power Distribution Module


    • Scalable, high efficient and redundant


    • Full concurrent maintainable
  • Primary Power Module


    • Mid voltage power to PDU


    • Dedicated generator for each module

Perfectly align Data Centre capacity with business growth. Achieve maximum sustainability through efficient operation.

Connecting the world

Accelerate your business performance and rapidly deploy global Data Centre capacity. IT operations in existing and emerging markets are boosted by the factory built IMD.


The IMD is designed with the environment in mind and answers to critical environmental and social challenges. The use of indirect air-to-air cooling contributes to energy efficient operation.

Cost efficient

Today’s CIO is confronted with a shift in thinking about expenses. Deploying a modular solution can be much more cost effective than a equivalent traditional Data Centre. The IMD offers pay-as-you-grow possibilities and together with financial partners can move expenses from the Capex to the Opex budget.

High standards

The IMD’s Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Design guarantees a concurrent maintainable Modular Data Centre. Accredited Tier Specialists maximize availability avoiding even unexpected failures through human processes.

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