Best practices recognition for ICTroom modular data centres

With its strong overall performance, ICTroom has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Product Line Strategy Award


The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards have identified exemplary achievements within a multitude of industries and functional disciplines for the last 16 years. Frost & Sullivan conducts best practices research to properly identify unrivaled innovation and leadership among companies, products, processes, and executives. Receiving the Frost & Sullivan 2016 Product Line Strategy Leadership Award is a compelling, third-party validation of a company's growth strategy and execution. ICTroom’s Best Practice Award is a very strong indicator to employees, investors, customers and thepublic that ICTroom is a thought leader in the modular data centre industry.

2016 Modular Data Centre Product Line Strategy Leadership Award from ICTroom Company on Vimeo.

Product Line Strategy Leadership Award

ICTroom has carved a niche for itself in the modular data centre space by positioning itself as an integrator with outstanding technological expertise. The company has a wide range of products that are rich in value-added features and highly customisable. It recently launched a portfolio of products, among which the IMD250 stands out for its ground breaking _exibility. ICTroom’s key differentiating factor is that it is a specialist integrator rather than a manufacturer. This gives the company access to cutting-edge technologies across the value chain and the ability to employ the best of breed components in its products. The company’s excellence in supply chain reliability is another key reason for its tremendous success in this highly competitive environment. Its partners include industry-leading component suppliers Siemens, Pon Power / Caterpillar, Eaton, and Denco Happel.

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