ICTroom builds Reykjavik's first large scale datacenter for RKF

Datacenter in Iceland provides ultimate conditions for IT infrastructure


Reykjavik, ICELAND
January 22nd, 2019

The coalition of Opin Kerfi, Fjarskipti hf, KORPUTORG and RB (the coalition is hereby referred to as RKF) are pleased to announce that is has contracted the pan-European datacenter specialist ICTroom Company for the build of Reykjavík’s first large-scale datacenter.

ICTroom will be cooperating with local businesses to launch the initial phase of the facilities in autumn 2019. Once the first stage is complete, the facilities will be flexible to expand at a very competitive speed with 1-2 MW in secure, Tier III facilities on a timeline of about 6-7 months. This significantly raises the bar on an international level without compromising security or uptime for current operations. The datacenter is planned to be the most technologically advanced IT site in the country, the standards of which will be kept up according to the requirements of the first customer – RB – hosting the majority of the Icelandic financial market operations. RKF chose ICTroom as the missions of both companies align well and the ICTroom modular datacenter portfolio has proven successful the world over and suitable for the Icelandic market. The project further strengthens Iceland as an international datacenter location for companies requiring the highest standards of security, uptime, efficiency and sustainability.
Opin Kerfi, the IT service provider to sell services in the new datacenter, is looking forward to offer expansion opportunities in a safe and agile manner for both domestic and international companies focusing on hyper-efficient HPC and AI solutions as the access to electricity and network connections is superior at the site. RKF and ICTroom are mutually enthusiastic to start the construction in early 2019.

Thorsteinn Gunnarsson, CEO of Opin Kerfi: “We are thrilled to serve current and potential customers much faster than the traditional timeline for a datacenter. This means not only launching this autumn but also expanding at a competitive rate which makes the partnership stand out for larger businesses with the highest security- and availability requirements in industrialized countries. Together with the direct submarine connection to Ireland in 2020 this project creates an even sharper competitive advantage. Our team looks forward to show what is possible when the best conditions for IT on the planet are harnessed for progress and innovation without compromise.”

Frank Brand, Managing Director ICTroom Group: “By the combination of the IT expertise of Opin Kerfi and the capabilities of ICTroom to build datacenters, customers will benefit from increased performance and efficiency at lower costs. This collaboration ensures a competitive overall delivery time and meets the specific needs of each datacenter customer. The ICTroom modular datacenter portfolio is specifically suited for Opin Kerfi to keep up the pace with providing the capacity that needs to be deployed for cutting edge IT applications. We’ll provide the infrastructure to support those

About RKF
RKF is a coalition of Icelandic IT- finance- and real estate companies mutually investing in the build of Reykjavík’s first datacenter in 2019. The cooperation was announced in February 2018, where each party is set to own 30% of the project except the Financial Operations Office RB, who have 10% share in the pursuit and are also the first customer in the facilities, hosting the majority of the IT operations of the Icelandic financial market. The four parties share the vision of Iceland as one of the world’s foremost datacenter locations today and in the future as high performance computing is being adapted in more industries daily without a sustainable solution for power and space. With confidence, the companies entrust Opin Kerfi, one of Iceland’s most experienced IT service providers to operate the datacenter and offer solutions to the international and domestic markets.