(Re)arranging a server room or data centre starts with the structural shell of the technical rooms and attendant facilities management areas. This often entails a radical overhaul, primarily because the renovation of a server room is being done in a live environment.

Secure Data Centre

In some cases a Room-in-Room concept is the most auspicious (‘box-in-a-box’ principle). This involves the ceiling and the walls (and, if required, the floor too) being built in modular fashion from prefab elements that have already been certified. The upshot is guaranteed protection of the critical room. Incidentally, it is also possible to create such secure data centres in an outdoor set-up.

Modular Data Centre

Structurally speaking too the data centre or computer room can be built in a modular fashion. This can be done on the basis of a number of linked, sealed racks with cooling within the racks. A step further is to build racks and facilities management infrastructure in a standard container or other modular structural unit. These systems are also very well suited to being used as a rapid (interim) solution or as a temporary or moveable system. ICTroom offers a standard Modular Data Centre that can be adapted to your business case whilst retaining its scalability.