The setup of your server room is important in connection with, for instance, efficient energy consumption, the smart use of your cooling capacity and your future growth. ICTroom is supplier-independent. As part of our overall portfolio of services, we supply a full programme for all equipment and materials used in kitting out and managing a data centre or server room, fine-tuned to any specific situation. Consider in this regard:

Power distribution

• Rack PDU's
• 19” distribution boards
• Cables
• Rail shaft systems

Earthing & lightning conductor

• Grounding 19” racks
• Earthing grid raised floor
• Lightning protection – building-linked system


• Room lighting
• Emergency lighting
• Escape route lighting
• Design route lighting

Cable supports

• Cable duct
• Ladder track
• Wire trunking basket
• Pipes
• Wall conduit
• Plastic conduit
• Fiber duct

Internal and external cabling

• Copper cabling
• Glass cabling
• Rack-to-rack cabling
• Back-bone cabling
• Prefab cabling system

Security system

• Access control
• Burglar alarm(s)
• Caging room screening

Fire extinguishing equipment

• Fire extinguishing systems at room or rack level

Fire/smoke detectors

• Aspiration system
• Alarm system

Secure Data Centre

• Room in Room indoors
• Room in Room outdoors


• Frames integrated into the raised floor on which to set up equipment

Flexible Data Centre

• Racks in container
• Power in container
• Cooling in container

Structural modifications

• Lowered ceiling
• Fire-retardant walls
• (Fire-retardant) doors
• Full facilities

Raised floor

• Raised floor standard
• Raised floor structure
• Ramp mobile
• Coating
• Ventilation tiles