The performance of your IT environment as well as the security of the data it contains necessitate high requirements in terms of your data centre's security concept. Security measures, including practical (fire, flood, unauthorized access), technical (component failure) and organizational (procedures) aspects need to be implemented. Ensuring maximum uptime of your IT environment is something that is heavily dependent on a sound management system.

Fire safety

The physical fire resistance of the walls of your data centre is extremely important for protecting your IT equipment. In addition to the fire resistance, the heat transfer properties of the walls are very important, particularly when it comes to fire on the outside. Disasters involving fire should be precluded at all times, rendering preventive measures crucial. In the unlikely event of a fire breaking out in the data centre (or a section thereof), fire extinguishing equipment will be needed to fight it.

Fire extinguishing equipment may be based on the techniques below (for example):

- Inert gas
- Mist extinguishing
- Sprinkle
- Oxy reduct

Security systems and CCTV

Permanent security systems can be utilized to protect server rooms. Static colour video cameras are set up in such a way that maximum coverage is assured, with monitoring of access points being primary. Cameras serve to display and recognize people or objects, are connected up to the CCTV equipment using cables and monitored by a central incident room 24/7.