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ICTroom considers itself as an authority in the specialised field on data centre innovations. Our expertise is regularly sought out by those looking for specific knowledge and guidance. Therefore, as a thought leader, ICTroom regularly publishes white papers on various relevant topics from the exciting and ever changing data centre industry.

Total Cost of Ownership for Modular Data Centre Builds

Today’s CIO faces a host of challenges and new trends. Budgets are tight and in many cases decreasing. At the same time, IT is becoming more strategic as the amount of data created is exploding and the value of accessing that data in real time is continuously increasing. Much of this data must be mined and acted upon instantaneously while it is still of value, requiring the application of bigger and more powerful data centres.

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How cost effective modular data centres help shape your business strategy

The Data Centre is at the heart of any organisation’s computer network.

Over the years, more and more solutions have been offered to assist in managing the colocation of hardware, providing external storage capacity, and offering processing capacity off-site. Specialised companies offered focused services to offload the burden of the IT department, and sometimes some of the costs. But the number of applications requiring speed, bandwidth, and above all volume are on the rise. More software, applications, connectivity, processing, and access need to be stored and processed in a data centre. Most companies that have invested in their own data centre, software and applications are now wondering how to proceed. One important milestone has been reached, though. Software is increasingly more hardware independent. Where a colocation offer consists of hardware storage and power facilities, a Managed Service Provider focuses on software services, and not just necessarily the hardware underneath. Hardware is becoming commoditised.

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Data Centre Security, a data centric approach

The amount of data being used by companies and consumers is increasing at an exponential rate.

There have never been more people, applications, and devices connected to the internet than at this moment in time, and the growth is not expected to decline in the coming decades. Various research reports show, that 2016 is likely to be the year that global IP traffic will surpass the Zettabyte mark – that is the equivalent of one trillion gigabytes! As the transfer of data is becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives, not only is the protection of the data itself important, but also having the data available, and making sure its integrity remains intact, is crucial.

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Data Centre Sustainability and Efficiency

The IT demand is growing exponentially driven by Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) but also Social Media, Video Streaming etc. And together with the IT demand the number and the size of data centres is growing as well. If all data centres worldwide would form a nation, it would be the 5th largest consumer of energy in the world. So it is obvious that with the limited resources available IT and data centres have to accept responsibility for the protection of our environment, for the circumstances under which products and components used in a data centre are manufactured and for limiting the consumption of resources, including power. Especially the energy effciency of such products and components and the resulting savings in power consumption also offer a big potential for cost savings.

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