Upcoming webinar November 10th, TCO in the Data Centre landscape

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Webinar Total Cost of Ownership in the Data Centre landscape

Learn how to get a comprehensive view on medium and long term data centre lifecycle costing in a dynamic IT landscape

November 10th, 2016
Start: 15:00hr CEST
Duration: 00:45min

TCO in the complex data centre industry, are all costs accounted for?
The role of IT is becoming more and more centric to the business and therefore also DC decisions are increasingly strategic. New demands for availability, flexibility, security and efficiency have a direct impact on the TCO of the data centre.
Join our online webinar and discover how modular data centres can optimise your TCO in this age of cloud and on-demand infrastructure
Watch our online webinar with expert opinion leader MARK ACTON of CBRE Data Centre Solutions
With over 25 years experience in the IT industry Mark has specialised in the field of Data Centre Operations for over 15 years, concentrating on the delivery of business critical services from highly reliable, world class 24x365 Data Centres. Mark is a regular public speaker and industry advisor on Data Centre technical issues, currently acting as consultant to a number of data centre operators and solutions developers as well as being the current Chair of the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centers Best Practice Committee.

Learn from CBRE  and ICTroom

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