ICTroom streeft ernaar van grote waarde voor haar klanten te zijn. Als expertise bedijf en uw kennis partner op het gebied van datacenters presenteren wij over nieuwe en relevante innovaties in onze reguliere webinars.

Webinar Dark Site Management

There is a huge movement of centralizing a massive amount of data into ‘the cloud’. Amazon Web Services, MicroSoft, IBM: they offer great pricing models for big loads of data storage and processing. At the same time, with an internet expanding at an incredible pace even before the Internet of Things, 3D-printing, automated driving have really taken off, what does that mean for Quality of Service of some of your applications? Latency problems could impact the user experience. Netflix has moved everything into the cloud, but at the same time uses ‘small data center units’ at the edge of the internet to make sure the customer experience of enjoying the movie is not compromised by distance. In an ever growing internet, the edge close to the user is where you can control the user experience by using unmanned, low maintenance ‘dark site data centers’. Want to learn more on what it means and what it can do for your applications and business?

19 januari 2017

Start:        15:00hr CET / GMT+1
Duur:        00:45min

Webinar Total Cost of Ownership

25% of the corporate IT budget goes into the data centre facilities. This translates into a European data centre investment market of over 60 billion Euro’s per year. Necessary evil or avoidable overhead? Learn how to plan and calculate the business and cost drivers of a data centre by looking at the four data center quadrants.

10 November 2016

Start:        15:00hr CEST
Duur:        00:45min

Webinar Sustainability and Efficiency

Taking responsibility and saving cost at the same time

Sustainability – one of the “modern” words when we talk about responsible handling of our environment, social aspects and economic criteria. It’s the three P’s: Planet, People, Proft. Resources are limited, human rights have to be respected and business goals and achievements need to ensure a mid and long term stability and growth perspective. Typical areas of protection are:

• Climate change
• Human health
• Resource depletion
• Ecosystem quality

So it is not a surprise that data centres more and more are considered under sustainability factors as they have an impact on all of these areas. What are the latest&greatest insides in sustainability, re-use and environmently friendly efficiency? How does the City of Amsterdam, longtime data centre capital of the world, deal with the massive growth of data centres and resources demand? What is the view and influence of the “ Open Standard Datacenter Availability (OSDA)” instead of DCMM?

After 45 minutes you have been updated on the latest developments around data centre options and deployment and you will have access to supporting documentation to prepare your in-house discussions on data centre planning and strategy yourself.

Who should attend?

Join our webinar with subject matter experts Lex Coors (The Green Grid), Jaak Vlasveld (Green IT Amsterdam) and Heiko Schrader (Director ICTroom DACH), who will host the challenging discussions. Participants can anticipate before, during and after the webinar which is meant for CFO, CIO and CTO’s aiming to optimize the environmental and economical footprint of their data centres!

8 September 2016

Start:        15:00hr CEST
Duur:        00:45min

Webinar Data Centre Security

2016 is likely the year that global IP traffic will surpass the Zetabyte mark; that is one trillion gigabytes! This is not only a challenge for storage or network in terms of connectivity and scalability, but poses a huge security challenge as well. How to safeguard this massive amount of data from disruption and corruption? How to integrate security measures into the ‘Internet of Things’? How to make sure the required flexibility and scalability of your data centre is not compromising security? Using real life examples, through a data centric approach, we help you to become more ‘security aware’, and ready to discuss the next generation security implications. ICTroom opens the dialogue based on research, facts and figures and aims to get you in a better position to understand and check the security status of your data centre.

7 juli 2016

Start:        15:00hr CEST
Duur:        00:45min

Webinar cost effective IT strategy

How cost effective modular data centres deployments effectively follow your IT strategy

We remove the myths! 

Enterprise IT strategies are defined by hybrid data centre demands: New applications are becoming hardware independent and are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enabled. Most legacy equipment and systems can’t easily be replaced. Public cloud, private cloud and customized DIY solutions are all available at any scale. Modern modular datacentre infrastructure approaches have the flexibility to follow with ultimate scalability and state of the art technologies. But what does it all really cost? ICTroom opens the dialogue based on research, facts and figures and aims to remove some of the myths!

Who should attend?

Join our webinar with subject matter expert and acknowledged researcher Dr. Ir. Linda Kester. Heiko Schrader (Director ICTroom DACH) will host the challenging discussions. Participants can contribute before, during and after the webinar which is ideally suited for CFO, CIO and CTO’s aiming to optimize flexibility and cost all together!

If you want to stay on top of data centre developments, learn how to be scalable and flexible at an affordable level, then claim your seat by registering.

12 May 2016

Start:        15:00hr CEST
Duration: 00:45min